About Peter Stunt

Peter Stunt was established in 1988 as a saddlery in Taunton by the original owner, Peter Stunt. At that time, the business had multiple suppliers and was engaged in manufacturing some of its own products as well. That all changed when Peter was invited to go to an equestrian event by a friend and realised that it was not only a very pleasant way to do business, it allowed him to shed many of the overheads of the bricks and mortar shop. Within a couple of years, the business had transformed and became the first mono-brand retailer on the equestrian event circuit, selling MUSTO technical equestrian clothing. Over the years, the business honed down the range of events it went to, latterly focussing on just 15, but having changed hands in early 2016 we are transforming again and are keen to bring the Peter Stunt brand and the highest quality MUSTO Equestrian and Country wear to our customers through a broader range of channels. We will be attending many more events this year and obviously we’ve re-launched the Peter Stunt website after an absence of several years. We’d love your feedback on the service we’re providing and we really want to create a community that you can be a part of too. Please share in that and let us know how you’re getting on with your MUSTO products and the adventures they’ve taken you through.

To bring the highest quality MUSTO clothing to our customers, supported by customer service bespoke to individual needs.

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Endeavour
  • High quality

  • We will have fun; because life's too short!
  • The only product we want you to have is the right one; we would rather you bought nothing than the wrong thing.
  • Every transaction, whether financial or social, will be undertaken with the intention of benefitting both parties.
  • Good judgment comes from experience, and the best experience comes from bad judgment; we will always seek to learn from our mistakes and understand what we could have done differently to avoid or mitigate them.  
  • Business processes and technology will be used wherever there is genuine efficiency to be achieved by doing so, but never at the expense of pragmatism and positive human influence.
  • We will seek to innovate without compromising the quality or standard of our brand (or our suppliers’) and to grow the business where complementary opportunities are available to exploit without undermining or deserting our core business and its customer base.

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